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Dark Lo - Alleyway Piss lyrics

[Dark Lo: Verse 1]
Probably posted in a two-seater
Got your baby mother with me she a true eater
I was out Chiraq, I had two heaters
My young'uns apes down in Philly I'm the Zookeeper
School of hard knocks I'm the new teacher
I do a background check then I do a feature
n***as claim they run the city but we never see ya
Broad day, headshot, wouldn't wanna be ya
Then I pull off laughing
Cheap money sh**, it's the OBH captain
Ron Harvey sh**, long clip, no lackin'
I think I made fourty last month, no trappin'
That's pretty good for a half not
Not to mention I had to close down my last spot
(Why Lo?)
Cause the cops kept raiding
Bodies kept dropping relocated at the Days inn
I did four, I make them pay for all them days in
And she a whore, why you got that b**h laid in
You caught feelings
Caught him in his crib, blew his brains on the ceilin'
Now that n***a chilling
Life was a movie I'm the villian
Rob a n***a, if he moving I'ma k** him
That was back in my broke days
No money, at the table bagging soaked daze
In and out the county, whack game, old J's
North Philly n***a, big beard, low face
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North Philly n***a, shoot you down, no face
(We ain't fightin')
Beat by V Don, clip on rewind
Y'all n***as on freak time
I like to say king of pressure on my free time
Ab on his way home I swear it, free slime
No gang sh**, I show you how this G' shine
OBH lifestyle if I shine, he shine
Make me call goonie gang shooter
Point him out, he'll do you
Shoutout C-lo and Moolaz
It should say a thousand-eight on the ruler
Hit a lick then manouver
Lil' chick smoking hookah
Paperwork you will sing it like Future
Hit his shirt put a [?] medusa
I'm just blowing haze heavily
Maze and Franklin Beverly, bangin' like the seventies
I'm a f**ing goon, n***a that's forever me
n***as rapping 'bout this sh** but you can never be
I'm drinking sixty year old wine, me and Mel B
I pray to god I make it through this year jail free
Smell me, what the f** is n***a tellin' me
I'm just drawn all stupid like I'm LD
Four pound I'll shoot it, never fail me
Lame or a s**a n***a, never felt me
50 .cal thirty-six ways belt free

[Dark Lo: Outro]
Told these n***as, n***as ain't f**ing with me man. Ha goon, told these n***as

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