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Darian Carter - The Process (Interlude) lyrics

See if I can make this as clear as possible

I'm getting fruit loops out the cupboard
Getting ramen out the cupboard
Now I'm looking at my mother
Like you lucky mother f**er
Cause your son is on a come up
They say I'm about to run up
On the charts on they hearts
I'm the lightness out the dark
But as silent as a fart
And as deadly as the start
Of a revolution
Evidence and proof in
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All these bars I'm shootin'
Never brickin' always coopin'
Knocking panels off they roof
And sitting n***as on they stoops
In they front yard
With the words that made a star
With the words that carry far
Way farther than all of y'all
It's like I fathered all of y'all
Taught you how to throw a ball
How to get up when you fall
And how to always stand up tall
If you try to recall don't stress
Follow in my steps
This is the process
We making major progress
But I shall digress

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