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Darc Mind - Visions of Blur lyrics

Ahh, Darc Mind
Current state of affairs

Nowaday I profit from forfeiture, my kingdom for a whip
Brother fixating Arm and Legging for the celly that flip
Next foreign liquors, Versace, dominate the punchline
Intellectual crunchtime, I rhyme a 40, ghetto lunch line
Rhyme n***as that once tried; they bust a nut I'm bustin back
Just a short average brother, ain't many mo' left
Craven images treasured foul measures forsake for hip-hop
Drug abuse enthusements aborted seeds out of wedlock
Edifices of violent streets in tri-colored dye
Piss ‘n Guiness run the gutter screams that shred and divide
Complete this paradise were savage -- heard and not seen me
Blown into fists of brer and jostled every first and fifteenth
Say we'll get over on vocation push the product for the people
Survival, hard ecnomoics and there's players in the sequel
Grandmother's prayin, God listenin too
Now whatchu gonna do, when time runs out on you

Visions are blurry, realism a gas
As Crook and Willie pa** like sand through the hourgla**
Visions are blurry, realism a sign
It's quarter to, I'mma go for mine (I'ma go for mine)
*repeat first three lines*
Kevroc ?and gettin' money? Darc Mind

Set off your n***a plot schizm to scheme; it's all in
The piss and malt liquor wishes and collard green dreams
?Man who know half it seems? or play me down the real one
A single grain I stand amongst a muh-f**ing mil
n***a we charlatan, all flame and they don't
Scores of imitators they spawn intoxicatin that hope
To what remains I guess y'all might check and one-two
And be dead bodies and fools you're in a midlight of dope urban ruin
But true is able wicked ones that labelled and punished the man
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Salvation begs for him who have the wisdom yet understand
It's a battle for souls, hit while you can
n***as appendages of evil as if fingers on Shaitan hand
Searchin keep lookin for, the d** are beamin up
Illuminati ill experiment, maybe that's a fiend above
Be men connect with rhymes that cleanly love ya
Go round the world, you wake up early and yet you still ain't seen enough
Rhyme a republican, you demo-crap already
Kept rock upheld as if I'm fightin upsteam to spread
See everything ain't all about causes and effects
You gots to suffer, sacrifice then resurrect (resurrect) resurrect


Be men that pay the bills you blaze ?you're out of your curves?
On W-I, your lyric and actions speakin louder than words
You swerve a nerve and gaze murder to those who beat it unlevened
You're braggin Maxima's and Acura's to carry you to heaven
A.M. the marketplace I'm gon' say a rhythm
Rock a ruff rhyme and ?kitten? be my horn player
Head ahead and sound for ingredients, I'll bring you some in form of rhyme
I'm whippin on return in time for pendulum
?Kaprockula, Corectula? The sight respective of fools
?Kaprock? selected, I guard my optimism like j**els
Clever directive, I shine while actually droppin these too
Got rhymes in hundreds like a package of Kools, rhythms of mackers who rule
Create vivid he be the highway high I stand beside
The thumb and funky beats hopin to ride it, grab hold and flow
I cut it divide it slip a twenty inside it fool ya bite it
See me claiming glory from astride it leave my crew delighted
Come hither skeptic of my ministry you doubt it commas
Kick a complicated like a ministry? while others vomit
G'n forgettin that I'm symmetry, them others aren't
Infinite production type funky, ?house speaker warrant?
Harlem product and slang it body prove effective
Just a little while you're ghetto political incorrectness
Minds of many manipulated pawns of power
They be praisin they oppressor nowadays (nowadays) nowadays


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