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Danny Kaye - Life Could Not Better Be lyrics

Life could not better be, better be, better be
It could not possibly, no sirrrah, sirrah, sirree
Songs could not gayer be, sound your do, re, or mi
Re, mi, fa, sol, la si, fa la la la follow me
Why be gloomy? Cut thy nose off to spite thy face
Listen to me, a nose is hard to replace
Skies could not bluer be, hearts in love, truer be
I say for you and me life couldn't possibly, not even probably
Life couldn't possibly better be
Life couldn't better be on a medieval spree
Knights full of chivalry, villains full of villainy
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You'll see as you suspect maidens fair, in silks bedecked
Each tried and true effect for the umpteenth time we'll resurrect
We did research, authenticity was a must
Zooks! Did we search! What did we find? Achoo, a lot of dust
After the dust had cleared half the cast had a beard
And I'm the one as you can see for whom the bell tolls merrily
We asked Shakespeare and Francis Bacon would they declare
Which one wrote this and they both said, Get outta dere
Which bring us to the plot, plot we've got, quite a lot
As it unfolds you'll see what starts like a scary tale ends like a fairy tale
And life couldn't possibly better be.

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