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Danny Kaye - Tschaikowsky (And Other Russians) lyrics

Without the least excuse
Or the slightest provocation
May I fondly introduce
For your mental delectation
The names that always give me a concussion
The names of those composers known as Russian

There's Malichevsky, Rubinstein, Arensky, and Tschaikowsky
Sapelnikoff, Dimitrieff, Tscherepnin, Kryjanowsky
Godowsky, Arteiboucheff, Moniuszko, Akimenko
Solovieff, Prokofieff, Tiomkin, Korestchenko

There's Glinka, Winkler, Bortniansky, Rebikoff, Ilyinsky
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There's Medtner, Balakireff, Zolotareff, and Kvoschinsky
And Sokoloff and Kopyloff, Dukelsky, and Klenowsky
And Shostakovitsch, Borodine, Glière, and Nowakofski

There's Liadoff and Karganoff, Markievitch, Pantschenko
And Dargomyzski, Stcherbatcheff, Scriabine, Va**ilenko
Stravinsky, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Mussorgsky, and Gretchaninoff
And Glazounoff and Caesar Cui, Kalinikoff, Rachmaninoff

Stravinsky and Gretchnaninoff
Rumshinsky and Rachmaninoff
I really have to stop, the subject has been dwelt upon enough!

He'd better stop because we feel we all have undergone enough!

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