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Danny Kaye - I'm five lyrics

I'm five, I'm five
I'm a big boy now, I'm five
I can dress myself I don't need Mom to help me anymore
And when I sit in my father's chair my feet can reach the floor see
I'm five, I'm five
Got a muscle and I'm five
And when I wrestle with my Uncle Matt in a second he's on the ground
So fatso Rob better not get wise cause I don't fool around
I can throw this rock a mile away and k** that rattle snake
You dare me to swallow my chewing gum down and not get a belly ache
When I was in the jungle I frightened all the animals
And even Tarzan ran a mile when I was king of cannibals

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I lived there for about ten years and then a ship found me
And when I got back the police asked me alot of questions
I'm no stool pigeon, I clammed up and I walked right out on them
Right across the street, I'm allowed
You know why?
I'm five, I'm five
I'm a big boy now, I'm five
My mother daresn't spank me just for going without a hat
She knows darn well I'd run away cause I'm too old for that
What does she think, I'm three? Not me
What does she think, I'm four? I'm more than four
I'm even more than four-and-a-half
I'm five
December 12th

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