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Dan Bull - Facts lyrics

Listen up, the title of the song is, uh, "Facts"
And, uh, as a result of said title I suppose I ought to
Divulge a couple of facts myself

Did you know
That the earth is not actually round?
It's a pyramid

Did you know
That the mating call of the common housefly is this
"Come here, little..."

Did you know
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That when biscuits go soggy
It's not always due to moisture in the air?
It's actually moisture within the biscuit
Moving and making the biscuit soggy
Alternatively, it's because a group of boys have gathered 'round and
Played some sort of competitive sport
Of which I shall not disclose the details here, perhaps another time

Did you know
That the word "fluff" is spelled F-L-U-P-H?
It's one of the most commonly misspelled words in, in, in, in English

Did you know
That this is not, not the end of this track?

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