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Dan Bull - The Quiet Viking lyrics

There's a delicate line between a friend
And something else
And I've never been quite sure
How to tell

Heard words that weren't there in your body language
As a buddy I thought I had an advantage
I knew you, you knew me
And I briefly believed in the power of magic
Seeing you smile was the ultimate pleasure
Fishing for compliments, I was hunting for treasure
Summoned to heaven, platonic love becoming untethered
The way you'd comfort me when under the weather
And how we'd cuddle together under your umbrella
You must think I'm such a dumb fellow
I'd have done better leaving it alone
Even if I'd known we were going to grow; be with different folks
I was going to plant a seed and let it grow free
Then an oak tree develops slowly
Now the leaves on my future family tree
Are fruits imaginary
And I'm so lonely
Oh, me...

There's a delicate line between a friend
And something else
And I've never been quite sure
How to tell

Tighten up your bowtie
'Cause guys in your position don't cry
Do not be be frightened - really you won't die
Your deeds and writings reveal you: both sides
Lighting up on the roadside
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Driving over the strobe light

It's the rise of defiant Dan; I'm a quiet man
But still spent time inside in a riot van
Blindsided without the benefit of hindsight
My eyes were as wide as a frying pan
You might summise I'm devising a higher plan
Redesigning my life with an iron hand
It's now or never
I've got to pull myself together
Can't waste days staying in the house forever
Come out to the desert
Now there's a westerly breeze
Please, I need help with the zephyr
You could knock me down with a feather
But I'll still be grinning with the mouth of a Cheshire
My last album was a hell of an effort
Daniel wrote the manual on how to endeavour
And if ever there was a doubt that I'm clever
It's down to the fact that my talent's without measure
I've found treasure now my business is pleasure
I can infinitely tessellate my lyrics at leisure
And any way you spin it, it just gets fresher
An intricately illustrating MC... Escher

The quiet viking is how I'm known, I
I'm strident in style, although shy
And I don't even know why
So I'm either enlightened or I'm just so high
I can see the lighting upon the roadside
Driving over the strobe light

The quiet viking
The quiet viking

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