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Dan Bull - Rise lyrics


[Dan Bull]
I bring the beat to life, speak my mind
People take a peek inside, believe I'm nice
Hear me defy thee to even find an MC as deep as I
A decent guy sweet as a piece of pecan pie
When he combines beats and rhymes
Even blind people might see the light
Beaming bright either side, gleaming like streets at night
So seek and ye shall find peace of mind deep inside
No need to read the fine line prints or reason why
Don't even try, ask me and I will be your guide
Lead you by the hand and you will see the sights
Feel a vibe tease your spine and leave you feeling fine
You'll be excited to be alive
From calves, knees and thighs to heartbeats and minds
We can lead a life of peace and kindness or we can fight, just

Rise, until the sun's in your eyes

[Dan Bull]
My eagle eye will read between the lines
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And see the lies these deceivers write
They cynically decide the things you need to buy
And then repeat the cycle until the people all believe it's right
We need to realise it's free to be polite
And treat a being like he or she is being equalised
Don't know why we demonise and penalise
Effectively illegalise genotypes
What happened to being nice
To each and every being we see alive ?
Treat them right
That's why me I keep on trying to lead a vegan life
Though cheese is nice, we eat the seasons, spices
Denying the beast beneath has rights
Cause keeping meat inside us is a sign that here lies
A survivor, no need to read the rites, we succeeded quite
Well enough, it's tough enough to put the greed aside
Even I let ego stride in and feed my pride
But if we can rise above conceit and fight
For love, then we can climb the peaks 'til finally goodbye
From our teeth and eyes to hearbeats and minds
You've seen us lead a life of peace and kindness
Get off your seat and...


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