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Dan Bull - Last Cigarette lyrics


[Dan Bull]
I'm back in this habit
The tobacconist grabbing a packet of fags
And passing it back as I hand him the cash
The transaction is tragic
A moment of magic, as I open the packet
And go for the wrapping, in only a moment I'll have this fag lit
The sad fact is I'm an addict, I need a hit
Of nicotine just to breathe and it's obscene
Just between us as a kid I disbelieved a brittle leaf
Mixed with heat could leave you feelin' incomplete without it
So blow the smoke out quick, you'll feel terrible
However you will have achieved something incredible

This is my last cigarette
I've done enough that I have to regret
This is my last cigarette
I've done enough that I have to regret

[Dan Bull]
Bringin' a whole different sting
To the thing you hold in your fingers
They're stained since you imitated
The behavior of your favorite singer
I know you stroll to the cinema
And your role model's holding a Marlboro
The image is vivid and so you're sold the whole
Till your soul is a prisoner moulded in miniature rolled in a Rizzla
Held in a wrestling hold 'til the finisher
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You're choked out, so blow the smoke out
No doubt : self-control's what's killing you


[Dan Bull]
This is my last cigarette, I've done enough I have to regret
Without gasping for breath, asking for death
In return for the active effects
As many a heroin addict has said
It's addictive as smack, you'd be daft to inject
Skip the needle and the needle skips
As I tap my fag, let the ash hit the deck
Stood on the back step in the rain
And never complain 'til my fag's wet
Splashed out, cashing the cheque
Ash, ground; ground, ash; have you met ?


[Dan Bull]
I stub the nub, enough's enough, I'm good
I would gladly have another fag, see but the fact is I'm done
It's off my chest, and I'm impressed
With my willpower, nothing less
Face my fate at 88 miles an hour, time travelling
As my life expectancy expands and I feel like a younger man
You need to fight the hunger, Dan
You're done, you can (you can) you can
I can (you can) I am


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