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Dan Bull - Refurbishing the Domain of the Nerdcubed lyrics

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
This is who?
Nerdcubed, using Dan Bull's voice-box
Bringing that arcade sensation as the coin drops-
Into the slot and the screen flickers on
The girls scream and struggle to keep their knickers on
If you're fed up with frantic editing
Gigantic lettering
And hammock-centric extroverts manically bellowing
Then Dan's your sedative
A passively clever kid
Who rarely throws a tantrum
In fact, I don't think he ever did!

[Chorus: Dan Bull]
It's not a place for haters to hurt noobs
It's the ever-loving domain of the Nerdcubed!
The kind of place to play such an absurd tune, as this
It's the domain of the Nerdcubed
The Nerdcubed
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(I say!)
It's the domain of the Nerdcubed

[Spoken: Dan Bull in a high-pitched voice]
Hey guys! Check out this crazy game!
It's called MEME SIMULATOR three thousand and... something
It's wacky! It's wack- look how wacky I am, too!

[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
No more procrastination
Just pure fascination
With the sort of games that one just has to play, sure
Discovering a rating is my number one aim
But I'm not a YouTuber, just a guy who loves games
So if your preference isn't obstreperous recklessness
But giving deference to 80's pop culture references
And you totally recall that woman with the third boob
You're in perfect company... with the Nerdcubed

The Nerdcubed
The Nerdcubed
The Nerd-who?
The Nerdcubed

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