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Dan Bull - Modern Warfare lyrics

This is for my cousin Alex
Yo, I'm John "Soap" MacTavish
Done loads of damage with my gun
Blown up baddies
And then totally vanished
So keep your eyes peeled
And your lips tight sealed
Or you might feel
The might of my riot sheild
Forget Battlefield
And feck the Batmobile
You might as well be playing blackjack
Or Track & Field
Dragon slaying's aggrivating
And it lacks appeal
Button bashin'
Cuttin', slashin'
Nothin' that is real
I've got the knack to wield
A plethora of weapons
Level up again
Collect the set
And come for seconds
I'll kick your RSASS with an MP7
Then I'll kick your arse (Ass)
Send you to the heavens
Yes, I'm quite divine with a Type 95
I bet you couldn't even type "95"
I'm not pulling your leg
I'm putting you to bed
With a bullet in your head
So goodbye, nighty night

Ayo, I'm dropping tons of songs
In Cluster bombs
A Tuff Gong
So If I'm not your #1
Then there's something wrong
s** your mom
I've done a ton of run and gun
You've done a runner, son
I run amok amongst these other
Motherf**in' chumps
I'm a son of a gun
You're the son of your mum
There's not another that's as good
Under the sun
More than the sum of my parts
Pull you apart for fun
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I'll serve a server full of nerds
As I'm the hardest one
Between you and me
I'm a UMP
You're a pea shooter
Doing stupid to a T
I'm sure Yuri can do a free beautifully
And Captain Price's tracks are nice
But they lack the
To satisfy my appetite
If any prat'll mess with me
Then he dies
So blast this MP3
Like an MP5

You don't need a statistician
To see I smack the rhythm
With a degree of accuracy
That's needed for atom splittin'
That's precision
When I'm rappin' about matter, fission
Having a laugh with physics
And still bringing cracking lyrics
To challenge MacTavish to a battle
Is a bad decision
I'll kick your a** on any map you pick
And have you wishing that you didn't
Little lad, you lack the jism
To come back and tackle Britain
And in fact this is an actual acquisition
Of Activision's rap division
And Daniel's mission
Is to kick the a** of competition
I'm a handy mix of Andy McNab and Biggie
And when I smoke a fag
I don't mean that I have a ciggie
Sorry for the homophobic slang
But that's what happens
Idiots'll thrown a frag
And blow up faster
Than my rapping videos
Although I love kittens
I'm a great softie
But don't tell anybody
Stay frosty

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