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Dan Bull - Mass Effect Epic Rap lyrics

I'm commander Shepard, the man with the method to brandish a weapon and then handle the Geth with it
I'm an effortless hero, my rhymes shine brighter than element zero
Bringing more fire than emperor Nero, it's the end of an era Yo!
There's something mysterious with Saren Arterius committing violence against Nihlus I'm furious
I'll chase him from place to place base to base until we're face to face I'm serious
From the Sirius Relay to Artemis Tau, I'll tighten the net I'm not far from him now
I'll fight all the Geth 'till that bastard is found, and leave his heart in the ground
I'm the southpaw outlaw scoundrel bringing down more tools than a whole ground force
Listen out now fool it's pretty damn doubtful that I'll be sitting down with the citadel council
The reapers are keen to bring about your downfall so me and my team are about to flout laws
I'll introduce you to the whole of my party, Garrus, Liara T'Soni, and Tali
Wrex, Kaidan, Ashley, Joker, the army, you roll with an asari older than Atari
A krogan that'll leave you cold within a heartbeat, my teams hotter than a stolen Ferrari
Can a Volus go shoulder to shoulder with me? Hardly, my ship's seen off more foes than a Somali's
So we're going on safari, to the far reaches it'll be gnarly, seeing stranger creations than Dali, and breaking more faces than Arnie

Mass Effect, Two
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Blown to pieces, and reassembled, I don't believe this, it's bleeding mental
But then again, with theses credentials, can they be blamed for believing me essential?
I don't wanna be nervously lunching with Cerberus, I'd prefer to be punching a journalist
Souping up all my guns for the skirmishes, in which I'll puncture the firmament, permanent
I'm bringing a lyrical mass effect, my skill it'd kill a billion million massive geth
Commander Shepard's, formidable syllables, hitting the pinnacle, it is a miracle that commands mass respect
Incontestable, I'm a professional, but my new boss is less than respectable, so you better cover up your testicles, cos my next method's something of a spectacle
More fresh and raw, than a vegetable, coming from the underground with the hunger of a Thresher Maw
I leave the Rachni with a black-eye, slap Pyjak with a backhand never act nice
Rap lines sharper than a cacti, or the bite of a Varren on a barren planet
Baptised in flame, rise again in fact I'm insane
Providing pain, back from the afterlife packing an appetite to invade
This isn't a driving range but I leave you with eighteen holes inside of your brain
Like a swiss cheese, bitch please, you'll disbelieve the manner in which I kick frees
Bringing Sci-Fi to your Hi-Fi is the highlight of your lifetime, with ease

This is just the beginning

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