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Dan Bull - Dovakhin lyrics

[Verse 1]
Who's rapping
I'm not over keen
I'll dice 'em like a knife slicing right through an aubergine
My dragon shout flow is sweeter than a soda stream
You won't believe your eyes I'm like an overload of dopamine
A broadsword in one hand
And a magic spell in the other
I'm the last of the Dragonborn
There's no other my brother
So run for cover
If you got scales
Then I'm on your tail
And I will not fail
Like a free-roaming
Sandbox game
I'm off the rails-
I'll walk the trails-
Thru awful gales-
And storms of hail-
'til all the nails-
Are knocked into your coffin
I'm not stopping
'till you're impaled
And I've prevailed-
In the name of the Nords-
I pray to the Lords-
You'll all get a taste of the blade of my sword-
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I'm taking on hordes of enemies
I face them with hoards of wepon'ry
They're draining my force-
So chemistry comes into play with retorts and recipes
Alchemixing like a DJ
Restoration restore my energy
My legacy-
Written in heavenly bodies-
And buried with e-ver-ry body-
That ever did bother to mess with me-
Deading them terribly-
I'm a celebrity-
You're a wannabe
I'm a prodigy
The suggestion you're better than me at being a warrior?
It's a gift to me
I don't just spit flames lyrically
But lit'rally
And the Elder Scrolls are scripts in which I've written your obitur'ry
I am the Dragonborn
Wearing a hat with bad-a** horns
I'm Dovahkiin-
Known globally-
You're nobody at all

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