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Dan Bull - In No Man's Sky lyrics

[Verse 1]
Of all the gin joints
In all the towns
In all the world
In all the galaxies
You had to be
The one into which i've been hurled
In the distance one little man
Sits on the fringe of a wondrous expanse
Physics, math, leave nothing to chance
Binary beats make numbers dance
On a map as vast as our lack of understanding
Of even the spot you stand in
Avast, Nail your map to the mast
Pieces of 8-bit data drift past
Digits and data drifting in space
Just sit and wait to be diligently saved
In the Atlas and graphed
And collated in ways
Not even N.A.S.A could track
Im Charles Darwin as he lands at the Galapagos
Encountering a thousand-pound
And winged Dog-billed Platypus


[Dan Bull]
In No Mans Sky
Climb in your seat
Close the window and fly
Rise up now
Go and find
Why life thrives
Look low and high
Leave behind a gleaming line
Of notes and signs
Keep your enemies close
See foes and fight
For your life
Until you're home and dry
Avert your gaze
From solar glowing lamp lights
Who knew paradise would be so damn bright?

[Verse 2]
So Pleasant
I'm getting a bit tumescent
Free Fall
Three, Four
Kilometres to the floor
Wee, Phwoar!
Me, i'm enthralled
With all of the flora
Fauna before me
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I thought i'd fall on a flaw
Forced to the fore
Fallen and forlorn
Forever more
What a terrible thought to be fought
Before terraforming, exploring
Forage through foreign forms
Forest, Fawn
Flower and thorn
I've found and filed a thousand kinds
And now i'l find a thousand more
I didn't
Forget them
They're hidden
I'm getting a bit tumescent
If i am fortunate enough
To find a formula for all the stuff
The sky will fall from up above
I'm flying for the love
For the love
For the love, For the love
For the love
For the love, For the love



For the love
For the love, For the love
For the love
For the love, For the love

[Verse 3]
Wherever we've been we leave pollution
We need a clean solution
No matter whatever you believe in, you should
See through to the conclusion
Human beings are being a nuisance
An abusive stream of evolution
Views that seem to disagree
Are surely leading you to ruin
Through and through
We need to do away with the delusion
That the universe is merely here for amusement
Hear the music
Its a mutagen
To neuter men's illusion
Every creature's doomed
For use through what we do to them
Cease taking previous mistakes
And reproducing them
Lets clean the slate
Wipe the canvas
And make the painting beautious again


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