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Dan Bull - Battlefield 1 vs Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Rap Battle lyrics

Battlefield 1 versus Infinite Warfare
It's time to prove yourselves
In lyrical combat

[Dan Bull as Battlefield:]
You made another game with space marines
What next, lightsabres and laser beams?
We're keeping it cla**ic
You're too busy romancing a robot
These trenches are dark
We're setting a benchmark
That sets us apart
You're set in your ways
We're setting alarms
If you dice with d**h
Then expect to get harmed
Our mixtape drops like mustard gas
Yours doesn't even cut the mustard
Bruv, you're going to get rushed and bashed
Crushed and thwacked
With clubs and bats
Dragged back to the bunker and slumped in a lump
Your days are numbered
World War One k**ing further plans
You might have like Franz Ferdinand

What you got?

[iDubbbzTV as Call of Duty:]
Our game, it's called CoD
If you don't like it, you are odd
It is such a good game
That it comes with another game

[Dan Bull as Battlefield:]
You imitate
We intimidate
We're inundated with praise
Does it irritate?
You dream it
We been and did it, mate
We innovate
You're in the way
We're infinitely bored
Of Infinity Ward
We saw your fans filing for a divorce
[Lyrics from: https:/]
While infinite be poor
People instantly warm to this
It's indicative we're in for the awards
We predict that your income'll be falling
Like a wall
'Til it's infinitely small
See you impotently crawl
Like an infant, so be warned:
There's grown men crying at the incident report
We're indiscriminate
It is insignificant
If anyone is innocent
We're k**ing you
With implements and instruments
It's no coincidence
That we're considered infamous

[iDubbbzTV as Call of Duty:]
Your game's old
No one likes
Old stuff
Such as old bikes
With big wheels
They aren't good
Your game must be made of wood

[Dan Bull as Battlefield:]
We're k**ing on sight
Better hold on tight when I drop by
I'm turning CoD to a bombsite
Plus I leave a tough guy tongue tied
Fighting frostbite
Blind in the foglight
It's not the size of the dog in the fight
It's the size of the fight in the dog in the dogfight
You're getting hit in on the chin
I'm sitting and sipping a gin
Give it a minute, you'll be giving in
When I'm giving a kicking and k**ing Infinity Ward
So ghastly and gory
Pro Patria Mori
I'm a flowing Wilfred Owen
Oh, and you've just been k**ed with a poem
A Seven Nation Army couldn't hold me back

[iDubbbzTV as Call of Duty:]
Your game s**s
Ours does not
Yours is cold
Ours is hot
Sigh, ok
I'll drop the act
Oh god, please stop
I don't wanna get sacked

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