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Dan Bull - Sunless Sea Rap lyrics

Oh the londeners come to see the Unterzee
They flock to the docks and watch the boxes and stocks
That are dropped from atop of the steamers and frigates
And dreadnoughts and cutters
And cruisers and corvettes and yachts
Each and every of them a story has got
Here's ours:

[Verse 1]
'Twas dark when we parted the port
And started our voyage to far, distant shores
This tiny tub's not the fastest for sure
But I'd rather have her than no transport at all
From humble beginnings
I come for your winnings
There's always a calm before there's a storm
So batten the hatchers
And pull down your patches
We're pa**ing through gaider's mourn
'til we find the dawn
Smell the sea breeze
A cold chill
Neptune's deep freeze
Now i'm not sure of the maritime law down here
So we'll do as we please

We sail the sea x2
The sunless sea x2
We sail the sea
We plunder deep
And run from creatures
From beneath the sunless sea
The sunless sea
We sail the sea
The sunless sea
We sail the sea
We plunder deep
And run from creatures
From beneath the sunless sea

[Verse 2]
Tides are lapping on the side
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Rising damp
Eyes widen with fright
Light the lamp
No mind how cramped
We will ride
'Till we find any island in sight
Now camp
Is that a lighthouse lamp
Or a giant crab?
Is it a shark
Or can we disembark?
Better sink the barge
Although im not a whale
I am deffo living large
You're a land lubber
I was born in sand
Blubbers in my blood
But look damn good when i scrub up
Any port in a storm tear the pub up
Three months out at sea
Means there's going to be some hubbub


[Verse 3]
When we've each had our fill of the menu
We head out the venue
Prepared to continue
Turning that lard into muscle and sinew
Discover just how much swashbuckle is in you
When you're smuggling human souls
Whose tombs are cold
You lose control
You're ravenous too
The food is mouldy
Too damn salty
The deep hue of this blue's unholy
Fool, I told you
Skippers who comsume their crews are lonely
And fuel is low
We've used the coal
So I'm cruising home


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