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Dan Bull - FAR CRY 4 lyrics

[Verse 1]
Some call me Ajay
Some call me Ajay
Like the voice stars never came on the same day
I came to spread my mom's ashes
Unaware of the clashes that lay in wait
My bus got bust at a routine stop
How many people have you seen shot?
I was taken away to the Himalayan base of Pagan Min
The Asian Nation
Of Kyrat's maniacal tyrannical flagrant king
He wanted to make me stay for dinner
But I was impatient, it made me think
I'm getting out of here
Nah, cos I really can't stand the atmosphere
And at this altitude my asthma's getting a tad severe

The top of the world
Is where I'm taking the fight
Gaze down on the valley of challenges
I face from the day to the night
The top of the Himalayas
Is the place I'm taking the fight
As I scatter a hand full of ashes
I'm blocking pagan's light

[Verse 2]
I ran into the golden path
A rabble of rebels, bold as bra**
Rebuilding the rubble
That autocratic bastard soldier's smashed
The leaders are Amita and Sabal
Leading me to Shangri-la
And it seems to me that each of these
Couldn't be much angrier
It's time to get out
Head out
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Get the lead out
'Til our influence has spread out
Keep it on the down low
As I beat another outpost
Call me the people's elbow
Cause I'm armed to the teeth
And I'm ready to pound bones
'Til they're looking like my damn bow
Move over, Rambo
Are you going to bang doe?


[Verse 3]
Free radical
Beat animals
With my bare hands
Ripping meat from clavicles
A rhino hide's reet sellable
And the price of my life is invaluable
That's why I'm packing my cannons and molotovs
Every human beings flammable
Want to watch?
In a battle I tackle attackers and grapple
I don't want to stop 'til I'm on the top
Happy shopper packing a proper lot of flak
So back the f** up
'Cos you never know what you're gonna get
My ammo pack is a box of chocolate
I got it on lock
I'm hotter than hot
As I'm stopping the choppers I spot
Chip off the block of my pop
If you're blocking my path
Then I'm popping your noggin like spots



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