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Dan Bull - DEAD RISING 3 MANIC RAP lyrics

This is a city that's gritty
It isn't just pretty sh**ty
There's a contagion that's making people feel a little iffy
Brains on the pavement
I say that's making statement
About the way that the state has just laid us to waste
And up we pan
This woman is pushing a pram
But I'm in a rush, She's going to get rammed
You may think I'm a sick man
But it's a game of survival
And nick can
My aim is to stay alive or
Invade this plague of rivals
I'm a late arrival
And I'd like to trade for a great big rifle
It's the end of days so take your bible
Straight to the final page and cry
Or maybe try to slay these guys and ladies
In a blazing fireball
It's frightful
When I stick a fork or a knife in your eyeball
Have you tried the pie?
It's to die for
It's not my fault
There's this irritating prick and he's attached to my car
Lean to the pa**enger side
He's getting smacked with a bar
I'm a maximum action star
But now I've crashed and I'm trapped in my car
What happened? I've an awful head
I'm sure I've been here before in the walking dead
I crawl out on the floor with dread
The horde intent
To maul me then perform a gross post mortem, zen
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In the moment I call an end to it
I'll paint this town all in red
With gore instead
A brush with d**h
Hand me my palette and my canvas
Where are we dorothy?
Well, I'll be damned if it's kansas
Looking for the answers at the bottom of a barrel
I'll think you'll look more dashing
With blood spots on your apparel
And her?
She's a feral creep, she
Resembled cheryl tweedy
Now she's more meryl streep
With the devil's teeth
And her hair all greasy
Who the f** shot me in the back?
He's a big bastard and he's plotting to attack
Planning on merking us all
So I'm grabbing a circular saw
And I won't let the hell end
'Till you bellends are purple and sore
We'd better dash and hide inside the garage
And hope they won't crash in like a lifeless Nigel Farage
We need to build something awesome before we go to fight
How about a motherf**ing roller motorbike?

This is amazing
Wrecking and Riding
Ripping and Blazing
Dead violent
This is amazing
Wrecking and Riding
Ripping and Blazing
Dead Rising (x3)

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