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Dan Bull - Torchlight lyrics

I'm in the dungeon under torchlight, hunting for some more fights
Lunging at these monsters with a hundred different sword types
Sorry chum, this one just isn't your night
I'm plundering your undergarments but they feel all tight
I collect the sets of armor, check my rare pajamas
I slot the buttonhole with ember for some extra mana
My hotbar's rock hard, I'm rough like a dog bark
You're taking a beating, I've got heart
Drop bars like a bard practising a lost art
Rap battling a path to the boss part on hard
To ensure I've done the job, I employ a wondrous wand
You just can't get the staff these days, go on, jog on
Waving my piece at dangerous beasts, aim and then squeeze
Flaming and making them bleed, draining their veins
Changing their brain to debris, savour the pain and release
When I slay 'em and the game says, "Your fame has increased"

Open up a portal, get back to town
Trade resources at the stores and then head back down
Lay the smack down on an smorgasbord of organisms
If you've got an issue with it, soz, it isn't your decision
This is an important mission and in your position
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I'd put a cork in it, stop talking all this squawk and listen
Or I'll leave you in a poor condition, call a mortician
There's nothing more that we can do for you, the lore's been written
Feed my pet a couple of fishes, delicious
Please grant my wishes when I enchant my britches
When I'm battling with a Mycon, see a Tu'tara pick a fight
See a Ratlin get a fight on while I'm sparring with a Bittersprite

Look, I'm not the fickle type, never discriminated
If it exists, then it begs to be eliminated, immolated
And if I spring a Mimic imitating anything
You better believe that I'll obliterate it
With a vicious uppercut, call it a facelift
If you faith, pray 'cause your fate's writ
Gadzooks, look in my hands, loot gathered up to transmute
The money that I earn gets burned like a damn Zoot
I'm overloading on potions and just hoping
I can go in on the next boss without overdosing
All this alchemy is probably not healthy, meaning
If I use it on my enemies it'll be helping me

Light the torches
And get down

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