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Dan Bull - MINECRAFT Epic RAp lyrics

So, alot of people want to know what "m.c." stands for
"Is it, uh, 'microphone controller?'"
"Is it 'Master of Ceremony?'"
Nope certainlly not
And I am Dan Bull

[Verse 1]
I've got to admit
I rather like playing MINECRAFT
Even though the graphic style's
Older than an iron bath
Creative's great but on survival
I am crap
It's like the beginning of oblivion
With the giant rats
Swinging my fists around
And all I hit's the ground
This shit's tricky
And I'm not spitting about the bristol sound
Wish I could be whipping out
A pixelated pistol
Pigman down
Now let's hit the town
Before I got this game I promise you
I did go out
But I've given it up for bricks
I'm clinically addicted now
I need my fix
Or else I'll never leave my little house
Until I make it bigger
When my finger simply clicks the mouse
It fills me with a sensation of power
That's why I'm building me a sensational tower
To compensate for the shame
When I gaze down in the shower
I've played for hours
I need to wee, so later
I'll have to change my trousers

Just one more block
And I swear I'll stop (swear I'll stop)
Just one more block and I'll stop (shush)

[Verse 2]
Never mind beta blockers
I'm playing beta
And the blocks keep dropping
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Like SEGA's stocks lately
I'm taking mobs down
Like a crazy cop
It'll take a hand amputation
To make me stop
Go figure
My axe and crafting table made me lots
Gold digger
Better than Kanye and Jamie Foxx
Behaving like an 80's b-boy:
Breaking rocks
Remaking the museum of buildings
At Avoncroft
It's like a Lego set
With infinite bricks
And no chance of your vaccum cleaner
Picking up the bits
When I feel Philosophical
I sit and look at it
And think I'd rather dig
Than touch Venessa Hudgens' tits
Like a game of Jenga
Without your friends beside
And there's a side
I'm quite eager to emphisise
Of course it's a geeky venture
Are you then surprised
Someone made a life-size model
Of the enterprise?
I went and tried that myself
But I got bored quick
Although I still managed to replicate
The Borg ship
And all it took
Was one brick
And one click
I know what you're thinking
No need to say it:
I'm sick


"Oh my God
You're such a square"
"Yeah, I like MINECRAFT
It's positively delicious
Dan Bull
Do you dig?
I do."

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