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Dan Bull - Mega Man vs. Proto Man Rap lyrics

Hey Joshua, I got an idea
Let's do rapping
About what?
I don't know, anything
Computer games
MegaMan, for example
Or ProtoMan

[Hook x2:]
Who's the best man?
Is that a question?
A double take, we attack 'till your head spins
You know it's MegaMan
No, it's ProtoMan
We 'bout to bust up the track you selected
It's not like Red vs. Blue, see
We got time, don't expect a movie
So you start to run
But we're far from done
Cause literally my arm's a gun

[Dan Bull:]
It's the boy in the blue suit, blue hair and blue boots
With arms like mine, I should probably shoot hoops
I rock a Mega Buster
You got a feather duster
I'll uppercut you in the head because I never trust ya
Dr. Wily's not so highly qualified as his title implies
It's a pile of lies
Like every time he complies
Apologizing and cries
Before recidivising right into the violent life

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Yo, it's ProtoMan
You know your bro, fam
Punch you in the shoulder, then I crush you like a soda can
I make your motor jam, loading up my cannon
Then we taking over from America to Tokyo, Japan
Your demise, see, I hold it in my poker hand
You’re slower than iPhones from 2007
Call me a shadow while I’m hiding from the Light
As a rapper, not surprising that you copy my lines
Like damn!


[Dan Bull:]
So come and rock with Rock as I rock with Roll
Sidescrolling through the whole of your soul, ohhh!
My cranium is made of titanium
I'm running rings around fake lies like Alien
I'm better than ProtoMan, Fire Man, Cut Man
Bomb Man, Time Man, Ice Man
Guts Man, Method Man, Redman
I'm way ahead, man
And what's my name again? Say it!

We taking out the Ba** and the Treble
I’m made of the metal
And waiting forever to play on the level we came to settle
You say you’re special while I stay the rebel
You pacifists have to get your a**es kicked on a bangin' instrumental
You patriotic fool claiming you’re not a tool
Everybody’s sure you’re megaderp, so stop refusing the truth
I got my Proto Shield blockin' haters out
Shades on my helmet cause my name’s renowned
And they say wow!


Robots are machines that follow orders
I’m a machine that doesn’t
So what does that make me?

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