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Dan Bull - The Aldmeri Dominion (ESO Chapter 3) lyrics


[Dan Bull]
We are the Khajit, the elite sneak thief
Concealing the secrets that we each keep
With the leanest of feet and the meanest of teeth
We can clean out your keeps in just three minutes each
So that means if you need something stealing
Then really you need to just leave it to me : the Khajit
Look it up, Skooma's the new drug and cooking it up
We produce it with moon sugar, it'll soon soothe your troubles
As you just succumb to the tune of the drums and the lutes
As they hum and they hoot and they strum and they shoot
With the stars, under the blue of the moons
As we run on the rooves through ruins and roots
We are ruling the roost robbing rubies and runes
You will rue being rude when you reach our lair
And you'll kneel at the throne of the prince of Elsweyr

Our opinion's the dominion is a kingdom that'll bring Nirn
To ascendance with a vengeance, not dependent on a thing, no

[Dan Bull]
We're wood elves, what else ?
Wood houses are where we delve and we dwell in the dells
Some seldom would doubt if you touch our trees
You'll be held to account
Down for the count down under the canopy
What now for you ? Well, you're becoming a canapé
See, we eat each other, we're cannibalistic
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And it's a compliment if you should call us animalistic
We're symbiotic with the living things we live with
Resist affliction, Vigor, lead the leaves and lift spirits
These forests will remain forever Bosmer
Real archers in the woods, never mention Kevin Costner
I tote a bow that no-one else could aim as good
So don't claim you could
Or I'll make acquainted, feather, brain and wood
Made of Aldmeri blood, the place we hail from, Valenwood
We came and took our native place and greatly raised it up


[Dan Bull]
Yeah, be quiet now, we're the high elves
We're tall enough to take things off really high shelves
We do the bidding of the scrolls of praxis
You'll find us casting magic over holding axes
Exalted and thin with golden tanned skin
Behold the aristocratic and magnaminous grand kin
Descended from the deities so say your prayers please
We've agents every place, increase the range Ayren sees
Clearly superior in whatever area we dare to appear in
There ain't a better Mer here, the more the merrier
So where are your men when you need them ?
They see us and flee, fled in terror
You'll wish you wielded just some of that style
When we use the common tongue to summon that bile
If you come and get vile in the summerset isle
Then I'ma set fire to your bum and get wild


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