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Dan Bull - Brothers lyrics

[Verse 1]
A distant district full of mystery
A kid with history
He lost his mother in the sea
And thus he missed her deeply
What a disastrous event
He's not going to let it happen again
Whether dragons or men
He's battling them
To protect his family
Prevent the tragedy happening again
But the chances are stacking against it
His dad has collapsed
He's had an attack
And that's going to test his friendship
With his brother
They grab the barrow and drag it
To one of the medicine men quick
The medic is hesitant
It's evident this will need better than lemsip
It's time for the siblings to set aside their quibblings
In favour of the big things and stride with all their might
Until they find the tree of life whose leaves provide a healing liquid
The quicker they fly, the quicker they might
Relieve their father's sickness

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons [4x]

[Verse 2]
The family bond will have to be strong
If they're going to take calamity on
Collaborate, co-operate
Co-ordinating, carrying on
Challenges, allergies, tragedies, maladies
Neither or either of them are a fan of these
No reprieve for a breather, It's anarchy
Don't know where we would be without family
These brothers need mothers
Like they need each other
One of them to man the oars
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The other one to be the rudder
Whether covered in blood or mud
The blood runs deep
Deep as the allegiance these loved ones keep
It guards you while you sleep
Holds back the darkness
Cold as a carca**
With soul black and heartless
But there's something it can't touch
And that's fraternity
Try as you might to break
It last for an eternity

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons [4x]

[Verse 3]
I'm lost without him
A moth without wings
It's like I lost a limb
My arms are crossed without him
Cross my heart
My heart is crushed without him
I'd cross the mountain tops
A thousand times again to bring him back
But I can't
No matter just how much I'm shouting
I'm drowning
The current pulls me down

There's no one else so much as helping
What woud my brother do?
Haven't got a clue
But I feel a fire that burns in me
And lifts me, It's fraternity
Try as you might to break it
It lasts for an eternity
Yes, there's something you can't crush
And that's fraternity
Try as you might to break
It lasts for an eternity

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