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Dan Bull - DayZ Rap lyrics

(Verse 1)

Look I know it's not often it's a zombie apocalypse
But I've got a big blow nobody can soften it so
Without further ado let me disclose what it's urgent to do
To avert your certain doom
I urge your alertness to the words in the tune
The last survivors band together
Grab supplies, ammo, whatever
It takes to stay ahead of the others
And run from them Hell For Leather
There's bad manners in the Soviet bloc
People call and they don't even knock
I was brought up and thought people owe me a lot
But I learned very shortly I'm only a dot
In the sight of a scope of a rifle a blokes aiming
Right at my dome and I'm going to be shot
I'm going down quicker than the blood that I'm losing
Oh my God I've got to get a blood transfusion
How am I going to get it? Man, I better get moving
Before the other humans move in
The hammer in my head's getting madder and I'm woozy
Thought I heard a man shout "Friendly", Who's he?
Can I trust him? Or should I bust him?
Full of bullets, finger on the trigger and I'm gonna pull it

I shot a zed in the head
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But he didn't die because he was already dead. (x2)

(Verse 2)

I've got a backpack full of mad crap
Whatever you imagine I can craft that
Mags, maps, rags, raps
I can turn a gas can to a gas lamp
Gas canisters, magazines, bandannas and batteries
I'm an athlete, a survivor
Try attacking me, then I'll find ya'
This is a patch that's full of disease
So you could catch a bullet with ease
d**h comes as a sudden release
For he or she that'll struggle to see the wood for the trees
I've never had such hunger for beans
And I've drunk everything from the canteen in my jeans
I've got to stay hydrated to make it
But I might die from the paink**ers
At the rate that I'm taking them
A bit of bacon would be amazing
My veganism dissipated and I'm a carnivore
Starting wars, turn a bad situation to a carnival
You can't say that you aren't involved
The outbreak of the plague took part of your soul
Humanity's hard to keep hold of
After you've halted the heart of a soldier


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