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Dan Bull - MAD MAX EPIC RAP lyrics

Alright, fellas
I'm not actually Australian
As you can probably guess
But uh, grew up watching a lot of Crocodile Dundee
And I'm gonna have a bit of fun with this one

[Verse 1]
I started with nothing
They took it all
Swapped it for a sunburn
And a foot in the balls
I'm homeless and hopeless
These bogans are bogus
Emotionally deprived
And rife with psychosis
They've gone and made max ferocious
How mad this bloke is
That'll stab you in the back
With a broken bone
And slash your scrotum
I need to have the focus
To build the Magnum Opus
And plan a road trip
So that I can go and tackle Scrotus
He scrapped my black on black
And that's a bloody ballache
Messing with another fella's car?
Not on at all, mate
Never miss a war boy
He's one foot in the grave
When I twist the blade
Never forget the look on their face
Look, I'm not brave
I just want to repay the pain
I ain't saving the world
There's no world to save

I'm Mad Max
Collect scrap
To attach to my ride
And drive the threat back
I'm Mad Max
I've left tracks
From Gas Town way out
To the outback
I'm Mad Max
I blast caps from blas cap
And splatter the barren flats
With flak
I'm Mad Max
I wreck tracks
And make you crapp your kecks
Like ex-lax
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(Verse 2)
Just nipping out to nick stuff
And then get stuck in big nothing
But get stuffed
If you think that I'll quit, huffing
Unsettle the dust
Above the speckles of rust
I've got myself to help
There's no one better to trust until
I bumped into Chumbucket
Through plum luck
And it got me pumped up
To have a chum who's up for
Mucking in
Tucking in
Kicking up a motherf**ing ruckus
Sick enough to sit in
While I'm socking these s**ers
When we hop in the vehicle
I call shotgun
That's not a metaphor, mate
I've actually got one


[Verse 3]
I've got a ticket to ride
To where the fittest survive
To live here requires
A particular type
Of meticulous mind
You need volition
Munition and intuition to drive
And that's what griffa provides
It's not ufficient to be wishful
And blag it
You need the nads
To eat a fistful of maggots
From prickles to scrapulance
Rippers and rammers
You're going to need to be a dab hand
With a wrench and a hammer
The manic mechanic instilling panic
Bringing havoc
To these panoramic lands
With my rampant antics
Though it's dramatic
I'm a cla**ic romantic at heart
Hi honey, I'm home
You won't believe the traffic


You guys are so nice

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