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Dan Bull - League of Legends: Lucian lyrics

[Verse One]
Everybody dies, some just need a little help
d**h is a mercy and I've enough to go around
So when I pull my guns out
Don't duck on my account
I must just muck around and shoot a smiley face into the f**ing ground
Trick shot?
The trick is not to get shot
Mix rock with hip-hop on top of a sick drop
You don't have the heart for this and you don't know the half of this
With half a heart I miss my love so much I can't exist
I was never not together with Senna
Until Thresh rolled up, and stole her soul forever
f** Hecarim and Thresh
They're in a mess with Mordekaiser
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Relentlessly pursue them and then shoot until I've torn 'em right up
For a hired gun
Taking your life is violent fun
Don't try and run
Cause I decide when you and I are done
k**ing the undead
Until it is sunset
And still I'm not done yet
Piercing you would be a delight
So I use the piercing light
My finger's on Q, the Lightslinger, might sting your ears and eyes
My bars amaze, my ardent blaze, will leave you bleeding, scarred and grazed
The closest I ever get to remorse
Feeling regret for Hecarim's horse
You're talking the talk, while I'm walking the walk
So to me
You're just another corpse!

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