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Dan Bull - The Wolf Among Us lyrics

(Look, this is Fabletown)
The place where fables are found
Grimy roads replace the yellow bricks
Paved on the ground
(How many of them stay here?)
I’m unable to count
Because labelled as outcasts
They stay underground
(They keep themselves to themselves)
Invisible among these mundies
(They use a spell to repel)
Every community needs a way to keep in order
(Someone to police the place)
A sort of senior lawman
Formerly the Big Bad Wolf
They call him Bigby
(Went from eating kids to drinking neat whisky)
When lying alone at night
I don’t quite know why
He’s got the hots for Snow White
(I know, right?)
All it took to hook him long ago
Was a lone bite
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It was so wrong (Yet so right)
In Fabletown they face a daily struggle
To escape the place they came from
And the range of ways
That they can raise up trouble
(Dark forces want to see this place
Razed to rubble but Bigby’s a razor blade
Erasing any trace of stubble)
Perhaps one too many close shaves
Check the mirror, see things a little clearer
The answer’s getting nearer
He needs to keep his fellow fables
Out of harm’s way
Be they in Bullfinch Street
Or at the farm, hey
Stop crying over spilt milk
(Pick up the dairy pail)
And dig up the truth
That’s hidden underneath this fairy tale

You better beware, for there’s a wolf among us
But the truth is the food for which he hungers

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