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Dan Bull - Trials lyrics

When I was a young boy, I wanted to be a film star
I wanted to star in my own action film called "Motorbike Man 12"
I don't know why specifically twelve, it just sounded cool!
But anyway, needless to say "Motorbike Man 12" never actually materialized
But instead, I have this

[Verse 1:]
Check out my motorbike, I hope you like it
I'm a mix of a fighter pilot and a cyclist
Never mind physics, because I find it a little inapplicable
Right when I fly, limits never apply
And it's evident I'm not going to be the first daredevil to die
My hell is a temperate climate, So I'm revving on the engine
Just to get the frickin' temperature rising, never mind driving
I get my high riding, spinning my tires as I'm descending and climbin'
Livin' the high life, I'm literally high, pour me a Mai Tai
With a little lemon and lime in
All I need to eat is three square meals
And all I need to move is two round wheels
And when I nail a perfect landing I can't find the words
To describe 'dem feels', I lack an equal, a mix of man and eagle
Savagely ravaging people, Leave them wobbling like a weebel
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I take a track and leave a battle scene
Gravity, hasn't been, something that particularly hassled me
People are chatting "See, well I imagine he's been to NASA's astronaut academy"
"Hasn't he?", You're lagging, keep up! All but forgotten
Stand like a man or you'll be falling on your bottom!
Rag doll rolling on the floor, you're performance is really rather poor
If you're struggling to keep up anymore
I'd really like for you to tell me what the hell you're here for!
I wield more balls than tournaments in snooker
A super duper loop-the-looper
The manner in which I'm shooting through the hoops
Is moving you into a stupor!
Face full of smoke like the user of a hookah
I'll leave you newbies trying to reach the new bit
Finding each solution and can finally be moving
From motorcycle riding to writing decent music
My old style's miles higher
It's Trials Evolution!

"Motorbike Man 12".. in very very very selective cinemas too. When I say selective
It doesn't even exist. I still want to do the film "Motorbike Man 12". Please

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