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Dan Bull - The Last Of Us lyrics

The fungus' hunger
Has plundered and plummeted us
From the humdrum to the hunted
As the county crumbles to dust
The life of a surviver's living in quarantine
This isn't a holiday
This is military policy
There's a rift, as emboldened
We shift the balance of power
I'm just a citizen: Joel
Unwilling man of the hour
Cause all I want to do is end it
But my solitude depends
On whether I fulfill
An old promise to a friend
I've smuggled guns
I've smuggled diamonds and pearls
But I've never been entrusted
With the life of a girl
I must ride beside her to the Fireflies
Mind's in a whirl
They might as well reside
The other side of the world

It's a new definition
Of the term "urban jungle"
sh** hasn't gone viral
It's gone fungal

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Infected detected
Tote the pistol, load clips
These filthy clothes show
That it's a twisted road trip
I'm ragged and smelly
Might as well act like a scally
And smack a chap's scalp in
With a bat in an alley
How many's that we've capped then
Captain O'Malley
It'd take an honor student graduate
Of math for the tally
In the past me and Ellie
For having ma**acred many
Would have made a prime time
Newscast on the telly
You bastards are jelly
You're just going to have to get ready
For us to blast brain matter
On the map like confetti
I school undead with tools
Combust them up efficiently
Like fuel unleaded
Leave the fools unheaded
And if they're dumb enough
To come up wrangling with me
Then I leave cadavers mangled
As they dangle from a tree
And on a planet this unglamorously bleak
You should probably be thankful to be free


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