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Dan Bull - Heart of the Swarm (Starcraft Rap) lyrics

Sarah Kerrigan
Used to be the queen of blades but she has changed
Or maybe deep beneath the surface she's the same
As in the previous game
The Zerg have been and came, they yearn for these terrains
Observe the teaser trailer, deep relationships are complicated
EG: Sarah's thing with Raynor
See - she doesn't know what makes sense
She loves him as much as she hates Mengsk
But James has a sense that her craving for vengeance
Has sent her to take some great lengths
It'll take strength to face - so I suggest you defend your base
Cos if Sarah Kerrigan is never getting better then
The Terrans evidently better get together
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And prepare a method of repelling her
I'm telling you, any and every hellion
Better be levelling and getting heavier
Nefarious, tell Valerian his dad's life expectancy
Is desperately precarious
And he'd better be aware of this

(Bridge x2):
Once you've been the killer queen
The Wings of Liberty are nothing
But a means to give your enemies some misery

(Hook x2):
Be warned in the heart of the swarm lies evil (The Heart of the Swarm)

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