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Dan Bull - Devil May Cry lyrics

Devil May Cry, Never Say Die
End any enemy whenever they try
Body count rising every time

[Verse 1:]
My character balances devil and dalliance
They should give me a medal for arrogance
Cause I believe that either Ivory or Ebony
Can annihilate at a higher rate
Than any enemy cannon
And I'm an adolescent Nephilim
Packing weapons and stepping in
I'm in my element
A bit of rebellion's good for development
I came as an angel, left as a devil
I'm raping the layers of hell, every level
Bellview Pier Resident, A nuclear weapon
Live on red alert, so never press
Do you hear, President?
I guess you learnt the hard way
Not to dance with Dante
Partake in a date with me
I'll leave you with a heartache, heart rate:
Irregular beating like a hard break, heartbreak
Your bars are archaic
I'd pray you never parley with me
For God's sake I can't take it
I live in the middle of Limbo City
Broken windows, it's so pretty
Life of grime, sh**'s so gritty
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Got to k** time so I writ this ditty


[Verse 2:]
I'm the Sword of the Order
That all of the forces are falling for
Psycho borderline
I'm sure that I was born with enormous balls
I got them from my father
Cause I'm a son of Sparda
My God, my tongue is sharper
Than katanas in the barber's
You're the bluntest in the genre
Should have done it harder
Now the best you're going to get
Is to become a martyr
Barbas is a larda**, couldn't spar fast
With a harda**, I'll smack his chops
Leave him looking like a car crash
Black and blue
I rap to bruise Raptor news
Blast your propaganda back to you
Get Kat to tag the facts across your camera view
Man, my music's maxed out
So what's a chap to do
Come back for the next track
You'll find out after Chapter II

Thanking you
Good afternoon! [x3]


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