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Dan Bull - Dishonored Rap lyrics

[Verse 1]
Left to fester in a prison cell
This is living hell
But i've never been a fellow to just sit and dwell
On how they set me up
Said I k**ed the empress
My will for vengance
Somewhat similar to my sk**s: it's endless
Distill the tension
Build momentum
'til the thrill's tremendous
I'm going to bring a world of pain to them
That's real relentless
They'll feel horrendous in their final living seconds
A cold breath on their shoulder as d**h beckons
And shows them in this most fleeting of moments
There's no grave
Their remains are feeding the rodents
Now those close to them
Are grieving and broken
I leave the bereaved
With my deepest condolence
That's one more completed atonement
Closer to the Lord Regent
My meanest opponent
He's a treasonous Caesarless Brutus
Jesus, he's the evilest elitist Judas
He is leaving us deseased
I don't believe it's Lupus
These streets are heaving with the Weepers
Who are really ruthless
The old boys' club in an all-boys school
They control all of Dunwall
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The Tallboys rule
I'm after Lady Boyle
So pa** the Baby oil
You need your nappy changing, man
My rapping made you soil
From a blend of dread and veneration
Of an a**a**inating rapper's devastation
A declaration
Destination: desolation
Defamation of your delegation
A dedication
To the deprivating
Depredation of your nation
My reputation precedes me
Like I was played in a demonstration at E3
You couldn't easily beat me
I rake in loads of bone charms
Believe me, I'm beastly
I'll break your bones in both arms

[Hook (x4)]
I'm bringing dunwall to life
As I walk on water
Through walls of light
You heard the king
As the urchins sing
Revenge solves everything

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