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Dan Bull - Battlefield lyrics

[Verse 1]

Look at my dog tag! You'll see D.BULL a heavy hitter from the midlands like led zep have reformed
I don't need the marine corps, I'm lethal, from 3,000 miles off the eastern seaboard
Colder than trebor mints, Nee Naw, K People step away from the keayboard
I wanna see your heads bopping see saw, up and down so speedy you're reeling from the G-Force
Give me a vehicle, a BMD or Super Hornet, troops are falling uniform superiors are fearful
I'm really tearful, saline solution, slides from my eyes at the same time I'm shooting
So maybe I just should let a Beretta do the talking, cos after all you're a dead man walking
I walk in pull out my M1014 and end all these porkies, and tall stories, with the ease of a nuclear attack
I shout "LOOK BEHIND YOU" and shoot you in the back, suited up with flakjackets, flashbanging
Leaving claymores in your path, need i say more?

This is the Battlefield
Where if you lack the sk**, than your cap'll peel back
Like an apple peal, Twat
In the Battlefield
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If you lack the sk**, than your cap'll peel
Like an apple peal, So grab the steel

[Verse 2]

You're a super soaker, I'm a super cobra, souping up my guns 'till I become a supernova
I'll take you to the moon and over like a lunar rover, I got a new limo and so are you the chauffeur?
I'm a human Yoda, No, a new Jehovah, I do my flows with the devotion of a Jew to Kosher
So I shot the charcuter and do him over, I'll do to you've what you seen me do to sopa
I'll straight flush you like a full suit in poker and mutilate you leaving you like you're doing yoga
Resume control a**ume the role of Henry "Black" Blackburn, I'm coming for your guts like a freaking flatworm
Soon as your back's turn Blackburn'll blast murder fast, I'm packing more heat than a ma**ive Thermostat
I've got a certain knack to turn the gas and hurl a match so if you'd prefer lack a burn than stand further back
And slap bureaucrats that I haven't heard the facts, I'm rapping more original, than a fricking Werther's Pack
I mix hardcore, nerdcore commercial rap and stay on top of the beef like a burger bap
I'm a soldier but not the sort to traverse Iraq, I'll come first in any match on 30 racks of server stacks
I serve a purpose that you might find confusing, Dicing right through the digital illusion of the


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