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Dan Bull - Represent lyrics

I invited a crowd of people
Out into the middle of Bromsgrove
To do the intro to this track
Nice big crowd of people shouting
p**ycut kind of thing

As for the three people who turned up
I appreciate the effort

[Verse 1]
The time I spent in ashton field doing track and field
Heading down the chippy to grab myself a slap up meal
Blackwell bike rides, having a nice time
Get out the f**ing playground this my slide
Sunny summers days and drizzly winters
Ripping my finger wincing cause I gotta a little splinter
My mum would help me pull it out with tweezers
I got more to thank her for than Jesus
Shout out to all my CFE believers
I feel and grieve my lack of faith has made a rift that's deep between us
These churches have such lovely architecture
I remember Reverend White giving us a barmy lecture
I thought I went to state school, but I was made a fool of
Soz, I'm going to need some time to cool off
Teaching babies the fables of the Bible
As if they're true tales is a failure and I'm riled up


[Verse 2]
Go to the Waterstones in Bromsgrove Highstreet
The spirituality shelf is quite deep
Meanwhile, the section of philosophy is nowhere to be seen
A logical lobotomy
Literacy is the bottom of the pile round these parts
Education? Don't even make me start
I got a weak heart, and I'm getting dead frustrated
On how difficult it is to just get educated
Oooh a split infinitive, I've been a hypocrite
Hey shut the f** up prick I'm going to split ya lip
You're not worth this sh**
Despite the fact that on occasion I crave to be evil like I'm Eartha Kitt
That's an obscure reference, have you heard of it?
In fact were you paying attention to a word of it?
I'm the parish councils ‘versatile verbalist
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Gimme a country [?] backing track I'll murder it


Kay, I'd like to continue my monologue now

[Verse 3]
Came from a sleepy town, I let it beat me down
I wonder if my music teachers can see me now
Mrs Brown, Mrs (Funny?), Mr (Hope?) and Mr Cox
I'd like to point that Mr Cox is a cock!
Once he told me off because I fell off my chair when someone pulled it out
Sir, tell me how is it fair?
My form of shouting is rare
Anecdotes funny quotes and I'm quite polite
And nice I'll never try to ram down your throat
Half country bumpkin, half towny bloke
A Love hate relationship with the town around me though
I like the green I like the trees and I like the decent people
I don't like the crime, sleaze and all the meanie people
I mean we're all human beings created clearly equally
Then why do some play nice and some behavior is clearly evil
People, are giving me a migraine
The pain in my brain makes me aim to my grave


1 time for your motherf**ing mind
This goes out to everybody in North Worcestershire
People who are nice and care about other people
To Sammy Lion, I still think about you
Bart Green, Lewis Wright, Chris (cocktaul?), Chris Harris, Chris Bon?, Chris Hook
All the other Chris'
Charford Raiders
Backhand foreground
Sam Parish, who made fun of me for having simplistic lyrics
Look where I am now, ya dickhead
What's your band doing? Prick
James Dike, stabbed me with a drawing pen
Kevin Murphy, stabbed me with a compus
Daniel Abbott, funniest child in the 1990s
2014 is really fun
Let's all be nice to each other
Except Sam Parish and Sam Western
Cause there were, disrespectful to me as a musician
And a human being

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