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Dan Bull - Memory Lane (Trinogulaught) lyrics

A'ight f** that sh**, word word, (yeah) f** that other sh**, y'know what I'm sayin? (Yeah, f** it) We gonna do a lil sum like this, y'know what I'm sayin? (Yeah... yes) Keep it on and on and on and on-in. (I am, I'm keeping it on) Know'm sayin, Big Nas, (yes) Grand Wizard, what is it. (Dan Bull as well) Ha-ha it's like, You know what I'm sayin. (Yup, I know what you're saying. I think.)

[Verse 1]
I rap for revolutionaries who disestablish materialism
I rap for anybody that'll care to listen
I rap for kids and senior citizens, dissidents
I voice the voiceless, harmonise their dissonance
My mission is every changing but ever the same
It's simply to sing songs about everything
Remember the good times while looking to the future
The style of a typewriter with the mind of a computer
I feel the poetry flow in me
Listen to dope MCs and still I [?] and hopefully
I'll never love till when I look above there's nobody
Been developing my set-up since I left the ovary
Look I'm sorry, that's just the way it's going to be
Too focused on my vocal needs to pick up soap and clean
So I have a very faint odour like I'm potpourri
I used to mask my BO by just smoking weed
Hah, now the funny stains will explain
Don't take [?] regardless of race down memory lane
So tough ditty (It's like that y'all)

"Now let me take a trip down memory lane"
"Coming outta Queensbridge"

[Verse 2]
One for the money, two for even more money
And three for even more even more money
I never spent my days g**ning
I don't even know what g**ning is
[Lyrics from: https:/]
But I had a gang hanging out in the park
That's something I've already covered
On my first album, Safe, the second track – Summer
To be a rapper and environmentalist in Borough
I can't decide between a Hybrid or a Hummer
I feel an obligation to be at one with nature
But my flame of consumerism is a complication
Impudent with it, with an honesty that's greater
Please take off the [?], man, I wanna see your face, look
I'm not a statist, racist, or a rapist
I'm just a little bit afraid of the faces
That goes for veiled ladies and riot police
Pull aside your Guido mask, anonymous, try it please
Because anonymity does have advantages I see
But I'd rather chat to you without some fabric in between
I'm a human being and so are you, we should be proud
To come together in a crowd and fight for what we're not allowed
But what about to right to privacy, we live a life on CCTV
And I'm not keen on playing hide and seek
I bring the past to the future [?]
Then you're invited to my team to ride beside me to the dream
Reminisce about the best of things everyday
And take a trip down memory lane


(Premier Scracthing)

The most dangerous MC is...."Coming out of Queensbridge"
(*mock scratching* Coming out of Bromsgrove
I haven't got a turntable)
"Ya number one and y'know where you're from"

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