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Dan Bull - Is The World Yours? lyrics

[Hook: Pete Rock]
It's yours
Whose world is this?
[Nas/Dan]: The world is yours, the world is yours
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine; whose world is this?

[Verse 1]
I sip on coffee, watching YouTube until I'm energised
And ready to untangle the web of lies my head is tied with
No time to be spineless, mindless
Do the mathematics of life, that sh**'s a minus
I got a stack on mind that happens to rhyme
And so I'm tapping and typing, tagging the times
I'm rapping beside it, manically ama**ing the ma**acred lines
Until I've ma**acred minds, that's a good time
I'd like to think I'd whoop your a** in a fight
But the fact is that I am probably lacking the iron
Lagging behind when it comes to having that in my diet
I'm nutritionally deficient, [?]
I need those microproteins like a dope fiend
And I need your advice like Pinocchio needs a nosebleed
I'm out for democratically elected MPs to represent me


[Verse 2]
To my man Will Smith, you're an inspiration
I'll look up to about 80% of all the things you say, sir
I love your work ethic
What do you do if you really really want something? Go get it
I've never heard an excuse that wasn't pathetic
That's unfulfillingly prophetic
There's not a worse method for not getting what you want in life
In the concrete jungle, my wallet is my hunting knife
I better go and buy my mommy something nice
I'm a DatPiff mythbuster, debunk your lies
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Supplying logic to the disses that come my way
I'm a lion getting slept on tonight – Awimbawe
The things I say are exceptionally deep
I'm out for democratically elected MPs to represent me
I'm out for democratically elected MPs to represent me


[Verse 3]
I do a third verse, cos third verses are the status quo
And I've heard the status quo is the way to go
To make the paper flow, to make it rain the dough
Like the bakers just blew up, I was made to blow...up
Not willies, silly billy
I pray to Jean-Luc Picard to make it so
Taking over planets until I'm respected
The guiding principles of the prime directive, rhyme detective
I try to utilise the clues and use the lines that I'm the best with
Connect the puzzle pieces nicely and then wreck sh**
Put the pieces back in the box and take it back to the charity shop
Hah, can he be stopped?
Well, yes I can, frankly
But my words will carry on, Anne Frank-ly
I'm used to hiding in the attic
I was acrophobic, then I learnt to use my love globally


To everybody in Bromsgrove, the world is yours
To everybody in England, the world is yours
To everybody in America, the world is yours
To everybody in Burundi, the world is yours
To everybody on Youtube, the world is yours
To everybody who likes...cats, the world is yours
To everybody who...who...picks their nose, the world is yours
Everybody does it, it's okay. Just be hygienic about it. It's a naturally function

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