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Dan Bull - Elementary! lyrics

[Verse 1]
I like cups of tea, cutting beats, matching sets of cutlery
Depending on the fan, I like it when a fan comes up to me
But some of you are just too bloody much for me
You know me, but mutually, I've not that luxury
So it's worthwhile to say something introductory
Fame is a brave new world, and I'm no Huxley
I went to Germany, so tons of people rushing Cookiebreed
I think, if it wasn't him, it definitely was somebody
And that's the point I'm trying to make, we're all just individuals
We all get itchy balls or sweaty bits under your tits
It's all normal, I'm just another organism
Who happens to have specialize in penning lines and talking rhythm

[Verse 2]
It's like The Prisoner, I'm Patrick McGoohan
Now everybody knows what this fat prick is doing
My YouTube channel's like a kinda creepy zoo
I spy with my eye the fact that I'll be seeing you
But I did it all with DIY, call it B&Q
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My P&O Cruises launch so I see it through
It's difficult to be a weird dude publicly
Cause some of you are just too bloody much for me
But I keep doing my thing on the web
Oh, remind me I must enter king of the Web
Cause my to-do list is useless unless I really do this
And every other stupid wish I'm gonna make 'em true, b**h

[Verse 3]
At the end of my last verse, I said b**h
Why did I do that? It really makes my head itch
I'd like to think I'm not misogynistic
But sod you if you think I'm gonna keep my lips zipped
Can't keep my mouth shut, I'm a mouth slut
And you'll never shame me out of it, b**h, now what?
My main reason to breathe is freedom of speech
Provide me with a beat and I'll complete a transcript to my thought process and never press delete
Today is just another day I get to bless the beat
To all my critics who are less than impressed with me
This is for your arguments, rest in peace

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