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Dan Bull - Paralysed lyrics

Beit Nun
Watch me paint myself into this room, like Syd did
Truly twisted, more screwed than the music business, who is this?
Tunes got me lifted, it's the psychedelic relic, Beit Nun, never knew my limits
When playin' mates my lyrics, they labelled me gifted
So every record I did was made for my critics
Every syllable tailor fitted, wrote a cla**ic and failed to shift it
All that work, and it didn't make a difference
Being disregarded hit me the hardest
It put a chink in my armour, I'm an insignificant artist
Beneath, I'm a sensitive soul
Feel like I've hit the wall, Ben's in a hole and now he questions his role
Don't know my place, 'cause I've never been shown
In a world I thought where anything goes, they left me alone
I saw everyone around me get what they're owed
When I can barely put a meal together and December is cold

Dan Bull
I'm pretty sure I haven't moved for the best part of an hour
Cursed with the mind of a hero and blessed with the heart of a coward
Yes, I've started it now, I'm barking and shouting, asking for help
Harmfully loud but I can't turn it down, I panic in a bar when it's crowded
I'd rather be out in the beer garden and downing my half of lager
I'm drowning my self harm in itself, I'm out, just gimme a moment
Now I'm sitting at home look, Ben, you should get in the zone and own it

Beit Nun
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Dan, I've got this, gimme 10, and the 8's down
I'm really feelin' it, yeah, it's a great sound
Spaced out with the phones on
This beat is inspiring a beautiful song, it's been so long since I wrote one
Who in the world has time for writing music
Between a soul-destroying 9-5 slog and a morbid night of boozin'
That I choose to use to fight the blues with?
But I've got a gift, and I like to prove it, let's do this

Dan Bull
Just give me a minute
The rhythm is spinning, I feel like I'm in it
Thought I'd hit the perimeter, but there isn't a limit
Pictures of trysts with women are swimming within and it's blissfully vivid
Is this a significant image, or just a libidinous mimic?
Mixing the spirits, till the spirits are lit up and lifted
Quick, tip us a sip of Glenlivet
Sniffing the snifter, this is exquisite
Swear I'm finna just finish it, till I finish up sick in a clinic
Not every trip is a picnic, I've been in this since the beginning
I'm different to Robbie Williams, I won't just sing when I'm winning
You cynical listeners listen to lyrics I'm getting the hits on
Still living in ignorance of the hidden hit songs the critics are missing
Just gimme a second, hold up just a couple of minutes
I'm seeing double, the juxtaposition's f**ed my vision
Good job the stereo's balanced, because I'm hooked to the rhythm
When I want to cut the traditions and touch something different
I look to musicians

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