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Dan Bull - We are all Aaron Swartz lyrics

This is a tribute Aaron Swartz, I'm just showing my respect
So let's have a short moment to reflect

Was it cybercrime or fighting for rights ?
I admit it's a fine line so might I present this:
A track record you might find distinguished
The highlights of which are quite trying to list
This bright mind extinguished died trying
To bring this Brave New World To life
Computer-literate, like-mind linguist;
The lines in his script are my kind of English
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And hindsight provides quite the image of an activist
Hacktivist dying like he lived in the firing line
Of online rights traditionalists, politicists
Quick to stick his digits on the hit list
A lifetime in prison can drive minds to sickness
So why am I surprised he did this ?
Fighting insurmountable odds handed down from the gods
Because David is a risk when Goliath runs a business

We're all Aaron Swartz in a manner of speaking
We'll carry on his work that still needs completing
We're all Aaron Swartz in a manner of speaking
We'll finish every mission that still needs completing...

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