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Dan Bull - Tomb raider - instrumental lyrics

Her name's Lara Croft and this
Is the way that she started off:
She hits land, stranded
In the wreck of the Endurance
She probably should have got better insurance
The challenges ahead are gonna test her performance
So endurance is of the utmost importance
Limited ordnance, She'll really have to use her wits
Now the developers appear to have reduced her tits
Dragon's Triangle, Here's a house of lunatics
Darker than the night sky during a lunar eclipse
No clips to put into the gun, you know and
No gun so it's a good job she brung her bow
Unarmed, Not Locked, Loaded
Going hard with a longbow, Depart you with one blow
Prognosis: a disarmament pronto
Shots popping off as if there was a lock-in
In the bar with the Cointreau, Top row combo
From the coast of the Arctic to the heart of the Congo
Lara's banging heads harder than Bongo's
And angering her enemies, like a mom joke

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Tomb Raider's a tune that'll invade your brain
Get in her way and she'll make you taste the pain

Shh. This is the bit of the track
In which I k** it with triplet raps
It doesn't particularly add to the narrative
But it's a blast
There isn't a faster Brit on the map
Who's spitting as wicked as that
So I suggest you give it a clap
Or I'll give you a slap
An aristocrat whose bars are hotter than ovens
Did I tell you the fact that Lara Croft is my cousin?
I'm dropping a dozen hip-hoppy productions a week
To leave you properly buzzing, and it's costing you nothing
I'm pretty sure than Nishimura should be hitting the record button
Soon as I walk up and talk upon Tomb Raider
Like a doomsdaying saber-toothed soothsayer
'Til then I'll see you dudes later
Touché huh?


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