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Dan Bull - Think of the Children! lyrics

Dear David Cameron

[Verse 1]
You want us to admit if p**n's something we're interested in?
I've never heard a more intrusive line of questioning
There's a lot of chaps with no-one to put their erection in
You've put the onus on their boners to come and confess the thing
Despite its popularity, the silence will be deafening
Censorship is not the method to mop up the mess we're in
Next you'll be suggesting police kettling
Any people sending text messages with three Xs in
Will I still be free to see 'The Exorcist'?
Cause there's a crucifix in that and a tween having s** with it
If not, what's the difference between an adult actress
And a thespian in a s**ually-packed script?
You plan to block pages with a blacklist
So if I say "rape", does it mean I can't rap this?
In terms of s**ual deviance, the Tories have had practice
Dave, I've seen the stains on your Brasenose mattress
And it's ironic you're proposing a p**n ban, cause
You're considered one of Britain's biggest wankers

[William Hague]
Human rights are universal
Cultural differences are not an excuse to water down human rights
Nor can the exploitation of digital networks by criminals or terrorists
Be a justification for states to censor their citizens

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"But think of the children! Think of the children!
A free and open internet's probably gonna k** them!
Think of the children! Think of the children!
A free and open internet's probably gonna k** them!"

[Verse 2]
Mate, rape fantasies are a common obsession
But actually being a rapist is not a logical progression
To beat abuse, you should use a new weapon
Like battling the stigma for people when confessing
That they've been molested, or beaten senseless
The way that they're treated by police is horrendous
Some of us understand, Louise Mensch does
The consensus is that your dumb plan's defenseless
Tories are all about family responsibility
So your proposal seems silly to me
Serious criminals don't use Bing
They use P2P and darknet webrings
China's blacklist accuracy couldn't be lower
It's like trying to trim your 'fro with a mower
When has censorship ever fixed a problem?
Yeah, it's not like North Korea's got them
But if that's the kind of thing for which you're clamouring
Do you mind if I refer to you as Kim-Jong Cameron?


If you can't say "f**", you can't say

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