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Dan Bull - Super Mario Glitch-Hop & Dubstep Rap lyrics

[Verse 1: Nonelikejoshua]
It's-a me Mario and the gang
You probably know my name
And so we start the game
Jumpin' high, duckin low
From the sky to the ocean
How come Peach can't stop being stolen? (Hey!)
Need the Fire Flower, Star Power now for bowser
Koopa Troopas, stupid Goombas
Soon to lose a life
It's me and Peach and Luigi so you know
Stomping dome, rock and roll
Let's go!
Look at me, now I'm bigger than life
Hittin' bricks in the mix, running out of time
Now I question what could be in this box
Don't fall in or get squashed!
Originator of the phrase “1-Up”
So I'm getting that coin and the points above
And the shell bounced back like what the
Shooting fireballs now they're running amok
Man-eating plants with teeth in the pipes
Guys in the clouds and turtles throwing knives
Jumping through the pictures, space then the sea
Now I'm wondering, 'what kind of mushrooms are these?'
This here kingdom isn't really big, see
For the both of us Bowser, well, not for me
Got to keep moving for the Princess Peach so
Here we go, into the drain

[Verse 2: Dave Brown]
Welcome to the Bowser Show, son, I bows to no one
Not a teenage ninja, but I injure kingdoms
So one claim that Mario's in first place
And I'll paint my shell blue and hurl it straight at that jerk's face
And I still running the game since I first reigned
And still no need for surnames
So feel the tension while the world waits
I give you shakes, I got you nervous like a first date
This verse aches from the weight of my wordplay
I cause earthquakes when I shout aloud
‘Cause when Bowser growls the sound resounds
Louder than a thousand ground pounds
My breath infernal, my reign eternal
I've got your girl saying “I like turtles”
My hurtful spikes got a princess impressed
And know who Bowser Jr's mother is? Take a guess
You don't know why she got stolen though?
Sounds like Princess Peach has got Stockholm syndrome
But think, who's she's gonna pick?
A legit king, or a plumber that headbutts bricks for kicks
No wonder you only know like five different phrases
So let's-a go to the hospital to get your brain fixed
And while your doctors try to earn their pay
I'll get one of my five a day

[Verse 3: Veela]
Princess Peach, that's me!
I got $tyle I got $peed
Mushroom Kingdom, sky to da sea
Run by a cheeky demoiselle in pink
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Floating, Toad is hoping
Mario, come and help me out please
And once you've set me free
I'll bake you a cake, magenta icing
I'm upset now, I'm gonna cry now
I'll screw you up, let me show you how
Get close to Perry, I'll clock you out
Beam me up and I'll move the clouds
I'd better calm down
I've got to heal myself with no friends around
Maybe I'll leave you all in the cell
So you know how it feels to not get out
Still cute but bada** in Super Smash
Come up against me, I'll kick your a**
Peach bomb Galleom in the back
Daisy and me up on the track
And once the castle's safe and I'm done
Don't think I will want to resist
You're my Mario #1
And you deserve a kiss

[Verse 4: Dan Bull]
Oh hello, It's Luigi
Take it to the next level 'cos this sh**'s too easy
How I'm ripping the bars, even Princess Peach
She call me Bricky Minaj; I'm the pixel Weezy
Hello, It's Luigi
The pixel Weezy
It's Luigi
The pixel Weezy
With my brother compared
It's a trick to see me
'Cos the colour I wear
Doesn't fit with green screens
I'm coming up with gold off the top off my head
And crush s**ers on the comedown, dropping them dead
Hello, It's Luigi

My brother, tell 'em who it is

[Dan Bull]
The pixel Weezy

I think they wanna hear again

[Dan Bull]
It's Luigi

Now tell these b**hes who it is

[Dan Bull]
The pixel Weezy
With my brother compared
It's a trick to see me
'Cos the colour I wear
Doesn't fit with green screens
I'm coming up with gold off the top off my head

[Nonelikejoshua & Dan Bull]
And crush s**ers on the comedown, dropping them dead

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