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Dan Bull - SOPA Cabana lyrics

I was born way back in 1986
I'm an old man now
But I remember how it used to be
Any now my grandchildren ask me
Granddad they say
Can you tell us what it was like
In the days of the Internet
You know, before SOPA
And I'd tell them

[Verse 1]
When was that? Hmm, let me see
Some time back in the early 21st century
I remember when the Internet was FREE
Behind my keyboard, people let me be
See, there used to be a thing called Freedom of Speech
We had freedom to teach each other, freedom to preach
Freedom to share culture and circulate ideas
Without the state trying to interfere, enter fear
We lost that freedom, not freedom as in free beer
But the freedom to be free from fear, even here
In the United Kingdom, the fact that I'm from England
Isn't a matter that matters to our new masters and kings
I was a chap who could sing and distribute my music
And like minded citizens could listen to it
I couldn't afford an orchestra, I was a poor performer
In more ways than one so I sought an alternate formula
Reinterpreted the media around me
Satirized the leaders' lies on found beats
Talked shop on top of a sample of a rock band
At least we used to, until rap got banned

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At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
The place where SOPA
SOPA can ban ya

We're At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
The place where SOPA
SOPA can ban ya

[Verse 2]
You didn't have to act twisted to get your a** blacklisted
Just annoy a big business and get fisted
They had a vested interest in Congress
If one messed with them, then there'd be one less
Our representatives never represented sh**
So the internet was history, this was the end of it
I remember it like it was yesterday
I guess that day, I was too lazy to investigate
The escapades of another state's government
Now I'm left to pay because the covenant
That they signed that day and ratified in law
Zipped our mouths up and took away our appetite for more!
I can't do much now about the way it is
But if I could go back and change things I'd say this
Truth is beauty
At least it used to be
And if you disagree with my views
Then you can sue me
In the meantime I'll keep using YouTube
Even if it means that I need to find a new medium
IRC, Darknets, so digital's down now?
I'll use pigeons and smoke signals

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