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Dan Bull - RYSE: Son of Rome lyrics

[Verse 1]
Rome, the place I name as my home
Made it my own and I'll die before I see it overthrown
I'm one of the most valiant fighters
I'm known as Marius Titus
This city's in my blood
As valuable as my life is
With all of the troops, Legions at hand
We're ruling a huge region of land
Reaching through France and even Britannia
And for that, we've Caesar to thank
For seizing it and I think of the man
When I'm leading a siege and I see that the ranks
Are in need of command, eager to mangle
A people as weak as we are grand

[Verse 2]
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This isn't my kind of war
The thing that I'm fighting for
Gibbon's Decline and Fall
Didn't begin describing all
The wicked things that Titus saw
His sight is raw, his eyes are sore
Lives withdrawn with violent force
Civilian killing with knives and swords
Now my kids and wife are torn asunder
Souls all but plundered
I hunger for vengeance on the men responsible
I've called their number
I'm a lord of thunder
Striding right in with the force and might
Of lightning strikes, I will never bore or tire
Of war or fighting

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