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[Verse 1]
Dear Benny and Rafi
I regretfully have to inform you of the tragic fact that I'm not incredibly happy
I went online the other day aiming to find another meme
And saw comments like: "FUCK THE FINE BROS, THEY GHEY"
I thought, "hey wait, mate am I a day late?"
"What kind of cray cray hate bait did they make?"
So let me get this strange situation straight
And say straight away if I've made a grave mistake
You made your name with entertainment such as "Kids React"
A distillation of the name which is "React"
You claimed the trademark on the name under a federal act
To protect your brand from any imitation it attracts
So if a creator names a similar video with "react"
Then they've taken it from you and they should give it back
I can understand how you'd maybe want to limit that
But the claims you later made explaining it are inexact
That's why there's been attacks on Twitter and on Facebook lately
The brain sees straight away when statements are evasive, shady
YouTube's creative space has already been made dark
DMCA; Content ID; now we need trademarks?
You said of course it only applies to your format
But didn't define the type of thing you would or wouldn't call that?
You said it's "all the elements mixed together"
But when Ellen sits with kids and reminisces it's "whatever"
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You said, "here's the link to her thread, now get and tell her"
Funny how that post disappeared, innit, Penn and Teller?
If you had to give an adjective to Ellen DeGeneres
Generally it'd tend to be genuine; elegant; generous
But if you choose to use disingenuous
Then you must lack the trust you ask of us
Gentlemen, you come across as jealous, stingy, salty as a jellyfish
Like Gabriel telling God he came up with Genesis
Now that's just rude, and if that's your actual attitude
How can YouTubers just sit back relaxed and absolutely sure that they're "React approved"
And not "React accused"?
I'm a tad confused if I can now react to you
Without being asked
"Remove it now or else you're getting axed, or sued"
I don't want to have disputes
It's a drag to get a flag removed
Ask Buzz Aldrin, his is still stuck at the moon
Now you're some business savvy dudes
I see how your tactic's shrewd
I can still jump out the plane, from any altitude
But you trademarked the safety cord and patented the parachute
Now that's some powers you could now abuse
Unless we point it out to you just what you have to lose
Pa** the lube
Don't** the lube..

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