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Dan Bull - Rainbow Six Siege Rap lyrics

[Verse 1]
Eighteen years, eighteen years
Been Rainbow Sixing for eighteen years
Eagles Watch as I throw Rogue Spears
Through Covert Ops to the Missions in Korea
A Lone Wolf pulls out the Black Thorn
As a Raven Shield meets Athena Sword
With her Iron Wrath flying like a Black Arrow
On Lockdown in the Critical Hour
See my game come of age as I take it to Vegas
And make it rain here for ages
And when the rain hits rays of light
From hazy skylines, rainbows shine bright

And when the rain hits rays of light
From hazy skylines, rainbows shine bright

[Verse 2]
It's a daily crisis for today's fighters
In the age of ISIS
d**h is the fate with which he dices
One wrong roll and he may lay lifeless
Too little, too late realising
Time dedicated to training's priceless
Pain and sweat's why a veteran is getting better
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That'll tell us why there are calluses on my fist
We've got to work as a team, a unit
To deduce your scheme and ruin it
Swiftly we move in
Through these midnight trees whose leaves are moonlit
From the window to the wall
Everything you've ever come to know and love is going to fall
From a MAC-10 to an Enfield
Anything can trigger things real men feel (3x)


[Verse 3]
I wear these shades in a HALO
Take aim somewhere over the rainbow
Six of the best, in the chest is the payload
Hey bro, you'd better lay low
When I breeze in spinning, I'm a k**er tornado
Waiting to blow like a pain volcano
I swear in the name of NATO
I'll put an X on your brain like a baked potato
We came with the caber to cave in your capers again, bruv
In the face of the danger
This ain't Vegas, but I'm raising the ante
And raising a gla** in the name of Clancy


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