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Dan Bull - Minecraft Creeper Rap lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm a Creeper
Minecraft's Grimm Reaper
Blowing up blocks like Al-Qaeda
I'm not a creature that'll eat ya
But I'll leave ya petrified, Peter!
Reminds peeps of Minesweeper
Clicking on a brick, then you die in the deep
I'll find your mine, I'm a mind reader
Now the mine is mine, it's finders keepers

Oh hai, I'm a creeper
So nice, nice to meet ya
Is that the time? It's time to leave
And tick

Boom boom boom!
I can't stop singing this bloody tune, tune, tune
It's gonna make my brain go boom boom boom!
I can't stop singing this bloody tune, tune, tune

(Pew, pew, pew)

[Verse 2]
I do what I wanna
Move aside, mama
Tick tick, I'm a suicide bomber!
I take control, then I'm gonna
Leave a gaping hole, Belladonna
That'll take its toll
When I'm on a quest to invade
Detonate your soul!
Fizz like a lemonade then blow
So you better stay indoors
Or I'll find your mine when you're mining ore
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You'll be dying, lying in gore
Darling, ow, what you crying for?
Did somebody break your diamond sword?

I'm the volatilest sort
What a violent force
That'll frighten Spartans hark and hear Leonidas talk
When he sees me: "Tonight we dine indoors!"


[Verse 3]
It's official
A ballistic missle
Couldn't get this result
I blow through stone like a six foot chisel
So you better shiver when you hear that sizzle
Fffffo shizzle!

Take a listen!
It's a premonition of my mission
d**h by demolition!
If I don't come home there's a sign in my kitchen
To describe why I'm missing: Gone fission

White hot raps
I got stacks
Sometimes when I die, I drop tracks
I got a lot
Fight off cats
If I'm feeling nice, then I might not...


My hobbies and interests include going...


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