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Dan Bull - Mega Rap lyrics

Mega, Mega, Me-me-me-mega

Mega-mega storage
Back the f** up
Like a Stega-Stegosaurus

[Verse 1]
I stand hand in hand with Anonymous and anybody that says
Theft and copying's apples and oranges
O-R-G EFF, every single one of us
The MPAA RIAA's probably got us on their list
I'm no economist but I know something's gone amiss
When filesharers and terrors become synonymous
If politicians want to think we haven't got the foggiest
We'll send them on their holidays to wherever Mitt Romney is
They're in the pockets of the lobbyists, it's obvious
The rights of the rock star are higher than the hobbyist's
So you can gossip about Kim and what a nob he is
But he's telling the authorities to lick his lolly stick
Love him or hate him, Kim Dotcom
There's no debating that he's got this thing locked on


[Verse 2]
Raise a million men army in twenty four hours
To battle it challenges the extent of your powers
What government wouldn't allow us some privacy inside machines?
A coven of cowards, your trust is something I'd like to see
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Because if the government doubt us then why should we comply?
We seem to be decried as pirates either side we try to keep
That's why we need a site like these as privacy provides relief
The way in which Mega's increasing beggars belief and evidently
You'll never police it, believe it, so you better just leave it
‘cause to try and stop a file locker's setting off a firecracker
I'll grab the weapon and then set it up on my attacker


[Verse 3]
New Zealand police showed the true meaning of sneakiness
As a PR move a seizure like a movie scene is genius
Repelling through ceilings they knew media would eat it up
And boo the bejeezus out of users who pursue freedom
Knew what it'd do to the thief in us
But if they're through with deceiving us
We'll chew through any truthiness they shoot at us
Like a beaver does
‘cause when I keep my stuff under lock and key
The fuzz have no business, peeping at my docs
‘til we can see the warrant please (Where is it?)
‘til then you keep your fingers off of me
And let me smash the intellectual property monopoly
Through dropping speech on rocking beats
And here's a prophecy
My sk**'s the most effective DRM
No one could copy me


Back the f** up now
Die, industry

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