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Dan Bull - Love Letter to Hillary Clinton lyrics

This is a love letter to Hillary Clinton

[Verse 1]
Oh Hillary
I do not know why you are pilloried
You're the biggest woman in America but Lady Liberty
Just 'cause you're slithery it doesn't make you a snake
Everyone has made a mistake
Modern communications are full of complications
It's getting more confusing to refute these allegations
Be it botched operations or personal relations
You prefer to avert investigation
On who's to blame within Clinton's administration
Or why you rehired Debbie Schultz after her resignation
So before the conversation gets any more derailed
Hit me up, I sent my details to your email
You could be the Meg Ryan to my Tom Hanks
A corporate Bonnie and Clyde but we won't rob banks
We'll head to Wall Street and we'll help the banks rob
Be it for a backhander or a handjob

Vote for Hillary
Vote, vote for Hillary
Pushing the boundaries of plausible deniabillity
Vote for Hillary
Vote, vote for Hillary
I can't wait the anticipation is k**ing me
Vote for Hillary
Vote, vote for Hillary
Like her leadership would be any better than Bill would be
Vote for Hillary
Vote, vote for Hillary
I can't wait the anticipation is k**ing me

[Verse 2]
The world is getting worse lately
Baby girl, save me
In return I'll pay the parking ticket for your Mercedes
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You make me stir crazy, the former First Lady
Showing that women are able to do more than birth babies
Are you an angel from above? Are you our salvation?
Or are you that woman from 101 Dalmatians?
Restoring glory to your once proud nation
I just pray you run it better than you ran the Clinton foundation
The GOP try to paint you as a harpy
Hardly, you're part Dana Carvey and part Barbie
If you be my Lizzie Bennet, I'll be Darcy
We could honeymoon over in Benghazi
Go on safari, avoid any inquiry
About your dodgy business dealings with shady Svengalis
We'll go whitewater rafting right after we've rammed out pockets
Thanks to the new staff at the White House travel office


[Verse 3]

You weren't always a Democrat
Back in '64 you campaigned Republican - Remember that?
Or are you having another convenient memory lapse?
Why am I even asking? You won't remember any of that
But you left a paper trail - better clean the ink spots up
And get rid of the suicide letter of Vince Foster
He knew a lot, you took a shot at him and then he died
But I'm not implying that you've got anything to hide
I couldn't sleep at night, I was having bad dreams
'Til Hillary came and sprinkled me with dank memes
She's down with the kids, she's lit, not a has been
It's Hillary and Billy C - the cla**ic tag team
Thank God you're back, Hillary, I thought you might retire
You've already suffered humiliation and sniper fire
It brings a tear to my eye, grab a tissue
While the DJ flips the record like you did on the gay marriage issue


Yours sincerely, Dan Bull

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